JS Calculator | Please review my code | God Bless You!

I hope someone can find time to review my code. I will appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you all!


  • There is no contrast
  • Aligning the calculator to the center will make more sense
  • Use css transitions for hover animations


  • Functions work perfectly
  • Button Click animation looks good
  • Overall UI/UX is good

Thanks bud.

I aligned the calculator to the right so that the mathematical text was visible.

I worry, that the image is a big reason for the contrast issue, you can add a overlay on the bg to make it successful! But anyways, the text is not that important, cause it a background, As a user, I would not like to be attracted to things, I can’t interact with! This is a UX Principle, not my own thoughts! If you would like to make people use your app you need to make sure they have a good user experience! If they are attracted to background image, it doesn’t give them enough contrast/attraction to your application!

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