JS Calculator (r2d2) feedback

Here it is!

I included six secret buttons on the r2d2 chassis. See if you can find them :wink:

I would love any general feedback. Nad I also have two puzzling questions for anyone who can maybe help me.

  1. when the displayed results gets smaller as it gets wider, it doesn’t really stay even vertically. Is there a way to resize it (maybe with percentages?) such that the resize looks a bit smoother?

  2. WEIRD BUG. for some reason, really small numbers with sci-notation go onto a second line (e-num), but big ones (e+num) do not! Even thoug hthey have the same character length.
    I’m stumped with this one!


but this is fine

I tried tinkering, but I am missing something deeper here. I would love to hear any ideas.

I am also happy to answer any questions from anybody else who is working on this project at the moment. Happy coding!