JS Challange - Suggestions Requested

Hello everyone,

I have python, html & CSS knowledge at a basic level. I completed all JS Algo & Data Structures challanges in the curriculum (except the cash register :slight_smile: which is still confusing to me) .

For this I need more practices. Would you recommend any platform where I can find more JS challanges with answers too?

By the way, I don’t know what I need to study to progress? And I don’t know on which field should I focus.
Any kind suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Newbee!

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Leetcode and codewars are good options.

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The last section on freecodecamp.org/learn, “Coding Interview Prep”, contains several collections of challenges that you can use for practice.


Well, if you are interested in web development than continue with FCC. FCC teaches the MERN stack and python. So if you complete the whole thing then that will give you a healthy foundation in full stack web developement. It will also help to build projects outside of FCC.

I would suggest doing some research on the different types of software development and seeing which area sounds appealing to you.

There is web development, game development, mobile, data science, etc. Start reading articles on different fields and if you find something that sparks your interest than you can start studying that.

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Thank you very much for your answers, now I’m doing exercises in codewars, I want to get used to coding, for this they’re pretty fine. In leetcode, I saw that I need a bit of Maths, I’m not sure if I have to study some maths such as linear algebra for progressing in coding. Thank you again :slight_smile:

BTW, as far as I’m concerned, MERN is enough for full-stack, so we dont need PHP, mySQL , right?

I personally feel like a lot of the leetcode problems are more geared towards cs basics than math. At least with the beginning problems.

Maybe if you are choosing more of the project euler type problems than sure.

MERN is a stack. There are tons of options for what technologies to build your application with. If you end up working on an open source project or getting a job as a developer, they might use a different stack. I would focus on learning MERN though, since it’s what freeCodeCamp teaches. If you understand development well, you’ll be able to pick up other tools pretty quickly.