JS Data Struct and Algos - diff between the pages

Hello and sorry in advance if this isn’t the correct place to ask this.

I am currently at Intermediate Algo Scripting in the JS path.
I am noticing that the page for each problem is different from the hint page - so, besides the hints at the bottom there is a rephrase of the problem you have to deal with (most of the times explained in a better and more understandable way).
Is this intentional for people who get stuck? This happened to me several times and when I read the hints they made much more sense to me than the initial explanation -so much so that if I had that explanation the issue would be clearer to me.

I guess I am just asking whether this is intentional as some sort of help or no?
Thank you very much!

I’d assume it’s intentional.
The idea of rephrasing is a change of perspective on the problem. As coding often involves dealing with people who are not programmers themself, it’s important to get an understanding of how to change the perspective on a problem, how to rephrase something so it makes more sense and is easier to code.

Many coding challenges also involve using a known algorithm and adjust it to a problem by trying to mentally rephrase the problem or try to find a different perspective to look at it.

And one way to start learning this, is with examples on how to do it. Hence hints that rephrase a problem you might get stuck on.

Hey, thank you for the concise reply.

I was recently thinking about what you said - about the known algorithms. I guess it might be better if the tasks (upon completion maybe) listed what algorithm they were based on - so those who might not know they even exist can get to know them.

if there is a specific algorithm involved, it is mentioned

but an algorithm is just the logic steps to solve a problem. Some complex problems have algorithms that have gained a name, like sorting is a complex problem, and it has a lot of possibles algorithms that can be used and they have different names

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