JS field non-display text field

How can we create a field which is non display but text field.
Requirement: We have item_id first field which is scanned and it gets following three values in the form which are display only. But then the cursor is moving down to next row. Users want the cursor to stay in same row in item_id field.
Thinking by creating non display enterable text field, cursor would navigate and then move the cursor back to 1st item_id field again.

fldText += ‘<td class="display_results_no_link" data-title=“Town”>’ + field.town_code + ‘’;
fldText += ‘<td class="display_results_no_link" data-title=“Location”>’ + field.location + ‘’;
fldText += ‘<td class="display_results_no_link" data-title=“Price”>’ +
field.Price + ‘’;

Currently using
It does work returning cursor focus back to current record. But some time it takes time and users scan on the wrong row causing issues.
So trying for logic to stay the navigation in current record and return focus back to item_id scan field (1st field).

Please advise how can we achieve this functionality.