JS Function Problems needed to be Completely Reworked with IDE

I’ve been working through the function section of JS. The function decleration in the IDE is not working correctly IMO. It is requiring the functionName to be Capitalized FunctionName and camelCase is required to pass the challenge.

Write Reusable JavaScript with Functions (Used in the Example Below)

What I believe is the Correct Answer:

function reusableFunction(){
console.log("Hi World");

What was able to pass the parameters:

function reusableFunction(){
console.log("Hi World");
function ReusableFunction(){
    console.log("Hi World");

Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

(Also having the same issue with the function name needing to be capitalized, this would be ok if the parameters required to pass was not a function name of functionWithArgs)


can you give more concrete examples?

like, the link of the challenge and what the issue is exactly?

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Please refer back to the original post it has since been edited and makes the case for a logical error on the backend.

ReusableFunction is not doing anything for the tests, delete it all and it passes anyway

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what’s your code for this one?

function FunctionWithArgs(param1, param2){
console.log(param1 + param2);

function functionWithArgs(One, Two){
    console.log(One + Two)

Was not able to make this one work. 

So you are saying you did not see any problems with the first one ( Write Reusable JavaScript with Functions)?

Ok, My apologies. I did as you suggested reset and placed the code above and it is working now. Strange.
Assume it has been corrected. I will redo the 2nd problem.

also here, the tests want only functionWithArgs

what do the tests say?

function functionWithArgs(one, two){
console.log(one + two);

This was a correct answer.
Hmm, for some reason the lowerCaseNamedFunction was not working but after a reset they now are.
In the future if I’m having issues I will go automatically to resetting the problem.
Feel free to delete the thread.