JS keyword "extends" never been introduced on the curriculum?

Am I missing it, or the curriculum never introduced the use of “extends”. First time I encountered it is at “React: Create a React Component” lesson. If it is not explained anywhere, I think it would be really nice to add it to the JS section.

Hi @MarianoFarace !

There are few concepts in the current JS curriculum that aren’t introduced until the front end section. (DOM, extends, etc)

There is a newer version of the curriculum being worked on that will be all project based.

Also, when you finish the React section I would suggest reading up on Hooks since that is an important addition to react that you should be familiar with.

Hope that helps!

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Hi J! Now that you say it, I realize DOM never got mentioned neither. Thanks for the info on the upcoming updates, I think it’s a great idea, and I’m looking forward for this one “Learn Basic JavaScript by Building a Role Playing Game” :grin:. And thanks for the advice on Hooks, did not even know about it!

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