JS learning strategy

I’m close to completing the JS algorithms and data structures certification. I’m at the intermediate algorithms section. I want to do everything i can to learn Javascript as well as I can. My problem right now is that when I go to do some of these challenges I find myself not being able to recall all of the things taught earlier in the curriculum that are necessary to complete the challenges.

I decided I needed to review more and went back and completed the earlier challenges again but I feel I still need to be better. I’m doing a Javascript course that is on Udemy (New Modern Javascript Bootcamp 2020) and hoping that this will help me learn more efficently.

My question is: What can I do to improve my learning process? Should i be reading more documentation? Should i be trying to spend more time making my own projects? It can be tricky as a beginner to find Javscript projects that are easy enough to attempt without doing something “code-along” style. Thank you

you will not be able to remember all the curriculum, but keep practicing at finding again the things you need in the curriculum, in the documentation, or google things like “how to find max number” going forward

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