JS Project Buddies - Looking to Team Up with Like-Minded Coders


I’ve been studying JS here on FCC on and off since March and I’m currently at basic algorithm scripting but I think it would be of great benefit to team up with others and work on a project or two.

I’m quite fortunate that I am able (for now at least) to commit myself full-time to studying and so ideally, it would be great if I could find at least one other person to coalesce with and build a worthwhile project that we could add to our portfolio.

Please drop me a line if interested.

Hey @bantam75,

I’m currently studying FCC and Front End Web Development full time as well and I’m at a similar place to you (Intermediate Front End Development Projects). I’m very new to pairing and team contribution so would love to start a project and improve those skills whilst producing a project that is difficult and interesting!

I’m sure there will be more people interested in this as it would be a massive tick for future job hunting.

I’ll send you a message shortly.

I’m interested! Also you might want to check out chigu voyages. I’m doing one right now and they are amazing!

I’m in! Currently doing the simon game project (while doing the advanced algorithm) and some side projects. My aim is to be getting a sustainable freelance gig. Love to hear more from you.

Hi, what is chigu voyages?