JS - testing-objects-for-properties - Proper solution doesn't pass the test

Proper solution doesn’t pass the test.

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What do you mean by ‘proper solution’? You mean a solution you have created? Could you share the code with us please?
If you want to post some code, click on the Preformatted Text icon (</> or CTRL+e) and paste your code between the two sets of triple backticks.

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Hi @igorgetmeabrain,

Apologies for late reply.
I created my solution, which was the same as in the Hint.
For some reason it didn’t work. As far as I remember, I even copied proper solution from Hint, and pasted it to task. It still didn’t work. It only worked when I removed the green lines.
I just checked now and it works fine, so probably I messed up something at the first time.
Apologies for confusion.
This topic can be closed :slight_smile: