JSON file manipulation

I have a form which has basic details, there is json file. I need to keep update the json file with the data input everytime. I am able to get the value in js for the first time but the values are not changing in the file permanently and hence not persisting.
I found an article https://stackabuse.com/reading-and-writing-json-files-with-node-js/
Can’t i do without nodejs ?


How are you updating the data? Do you have a website, mobile application or desktop software? You need to provide a context so other people can help :slight_smile:.

If you have a website or web app, then you do require a server side language to update it. It doesn’t have to be NodeJS, but you will have to choose among many alternatives: Java, .NET, Ruby, PHP, Python, among others.

Give us more details and we may be able to help :slight_smile:,

Happy coding!