Jumbotron not getting styled

I’m trying to apply custom style to jumbotron but in vain. It worked for another file but it’s not working for this one. Why is the class components getting striken in


Your link doesnt work for me.

I had a connectivity issue that’s why. Thanks

It’s getting overwritten because you have another css file in bootstrap.min.css on line 5 that has same rule.

Simply change your .jumbotron to div.jumbotron and you should be good.

By adding an extra identifier to your css rule, it will take precedent over the other one.

Thank you so much. But how did it work for the other page?

The other page probably doesn’t have that rule. I would have to see the same screenshot you have for other page.

Yes sure.

Yeah,. notice how the bootstrap.min.css file is not present on this page.

If all the rules are exactly same,. it goes by whichever one is added last.

But I did add it. Anyways thanks for your explanation.