Junior Linux Admin question from a Linux enthusiast

Hey guys, I will keep this short and sweet for you. I am looking around at Jr Linux Admin jobs and am finding a few.

Most my of my Linux experience is not admin work. I work on Linux all day at work in large data bases managing, pulling, filtering, sorting , doing all kinds of stuff really. I am always in the terminal. I do some scripting as well. I don’t have much admin experience though. I would like to get into that as a possible “foot in the door” with tech.

My question is how much experience does someone need to land a junior Linux admin role?
I have a little experience or am familiar with most of the job requirements I am finding. I am just trying to get a feel for if I would be able to pick things up as I go in a position like this, or if in need to consider getting a lot of specific admin experience before I start applying for jobs like that.

There seem to be a few local options for me and I can help but be ready to make the jump.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

Most positions labeled as “junior” usually expect an understanding of the basics and include some kind of guidance or training, and an expectation of being able to learn beyond an entry level/junior role in time.

It sounds like you already are familiar working within Linux day to day, which probably is more than enough to start.

I’d probably look into each specific job requirement and see if its something you can learn, or even are already familiar with. Worse case scenario is you apply and don’t get the job, but at least get feedback on what you can go out and learn yourself.

I personally think if you can work in Linux daily doing general tasks you can probably apply to junior Linux admin roles.


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