Junior React developer

I have been practicing react, in here and outside of FCC. I tried to find a freelancing job or a job I could do remotely due to geographical region ( I live in Ethiopia ).

I spend lots of time on Upwork and googling for openings but there is nothing promising.

what do you advise me to do?

You can inbox me on twitter too.

Why limit yourself to react?
Apply for every remote job that you have skills/experience to do.
I heard data entry can be good if you can program yourself out of the way.


yeah I say try applying to all frontend jobs. If you know react, you should be able to learn vue and angular quickly. people just want to know that you can code and help their company push out software.


Hi @NatnaelSisay !

In addition to opening up the job search, I would make sure that your resume and portfolio are in good shape.

That is the first impression people get of you, and if there are issues with those items then it will hold you back from getting interviews.


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