Just a Calculator feedback

So i finally finished my calculator. I previously had made this before, but it was 4 separate calculators and only did algebra and PT (and normal math functions).

I want to see if there is any bugs, including the Geom. in which i tried to make or look up the equations to make sure there correct.

I know when it comes to the CE, if you erase half of a number and then add more too it, it will only display what you are adding. This sounds confusing, just type in like 90000 and press CE and then try to add 47 to it and you will see. Its not worth fixing, its way to much to rewrite and redo.

—> https://codepen.io/Mike-was-here123/full/QrdJdO/

If you want to see some of the raw functions and use them, here they are:

Combination: https://repl.it/@John_Nicole/Every-Possible-Combination
PT: https://repl.it/@John_Nicole/Pythagorean-theorem
GEOM: https://repl.it/@John_Nicole/Geometry-calculator
PRIME: https://repl.it/@John_Nicole/Intermediate-algorithm-Scripting-Listing-Primes-Numbers

Hi John,

I just checked your new work dear, and I started about layout and being responsible for small screen which it’s not responsible.

Since this could be about programming, and not about designing and UI/UX, so I would just suggest you think about make it responsible.

(Note: I’m not a math expert, so my point of view about issues or things I found weird could be a mistake, so please correct me if I’m wrong.)

The first issue I found is none of the keys are binded to the keyboard. So I needed to work with it just with mouse, but it’s easier to work with keyboard, please fix it. have a function that accepts key, and for given key, decide which operation should be performed.

On small weird bug is about not-checking state of the eval/statement. For example I could perform something like 12+-+-+6 (or.0...2+66). Beside as it works or not, but I was expecting when I go for + and then go for -, so previous + gets ignored.

There is a blank button at the bottom-right section, also one bottom of the = key I don’t know what are for?! second one applies space, I don’t know when to use?

As I worked with another cals, I found when user repeat pressing the = key, it repeats the last operation again. For example when user go for 2+2 and then =, so result will be 4, when user press another =, another 2 will be added. But your calc comes without this feature.

About the functional like operations, like sqrt. I just tried to get root of 25, I first put √(, then added 25, but forgot to put the close ), so it resulted as √(25 when I pressed =. I suggest you have some check and automatically add ) when user just forgot that, another better option could be you put both ( and ) when user press

I just tried the combination, and for first try I entered 33 and 3(I really didn’t know what is this for), so it got into a infinity loop! Then I just realized you mentioned the input should not have duplicated char. But the bug is here you don’t check the user input to inform her/him if she/he entered wrong value, and instead just start the work. I think you should user input for all parts it needed.

If you could let the output panel has scroll could be great too.

About the design I would like you could bring another dark theme for it, but again since it’s about coding, you may ignore it.

I really think this app could be a very great one if you could fix the issues I found. but again I’m not a math expert, someone who is math pal could give more better review of course.

keep going on great work John, happy programming.

The blank spots are for show, just to keep the format.

If you want to repeat a operation, just use the algebra

So when they type a equation like


Where would i put the )? Maybe they forgot it at the start after the +5?

My calculator solves the math, its up to the person to be able to type in something correct. There is also the CE button to erase last item.

Parenthesizes are commonly used in math, so i expect them to use them correctly and not forget to close them.

Use the arrow keys to scroll down the output panel. It says that at the top.

Combinations uses factorials, which is a math concept. Input a string like helo and you will see all the possible combinations.

I will put a warning.