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Hi buddies. I want to know should I focus on one source to learn programming. there is a lot of free sources out there and I can use any of them but should I finish that article on one then go to other source or I can switches between them?

Also is FCC enough for learning frontend? except using youtube

HI @Pioneer369 !

I suggest using one as your main source and then use other sources to accompany that main source.

If you are going through the freeCodeCamp curriculum, it is perfectly normal to use other resources like MDN docs to help with further understanding.

I think it is a great start.

But I would also suggest building projects outside of a class.

Building more projects, especially more complex ones, will strengthen your understanding and increase your skills.

Plus, there is never going to be one source that will teach everything. :grinning:


Focus on a single subject at a time.

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thank you, it helped alot :heart:

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