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Hello all, just a quick question about using * in a regex.
why is it that when I have a pattern that has something repeating zero or more times like in:
let test = “aaaaaaargh”;
And I use a regex such as:
let regex = /a*/gi;

it will show me the expression I was looking for with a bunch of empty strings when I print it to the console?

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Challenge: Match Characters that Occur Zero or More Times

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a* means zero or more a
it happens many times that you have 0 a, so empty strings can happen
you need to be more specific in your regex

like, read again what you are asked to d

Create a regex chewieRegex that uses the * character to match an uppercase "A" character immediately followed by zero or more lowercase "a" characters in chewieQuote . Your regex does not need flags or character classes, and it should not match any of the other quotes.

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