Just about finished with my Weather App - Feedback please?

So Im just about finished with my weather App. I want to possible play with the font of some of the headers and card headers. And I still have to work on the mobile view of iPhone 5’s (they’re pretty small comparative). But other than that I think its pretty much ready to submit.

I know that I have the user putting in their location, I thought that would be better than grabbing the geolocation from the user’s system, personally because when websites do that for my computer its almost never right. Also the user should be able to decide if they want their immediate location, or maybe they want to see the weather by their office? Or by their friends. So thats why I did it based on user input.

Anyways I would love some feedback.

My project - https://codepen.io/Ngoldberg/full/KmQJyv/

Thanks in advance!

  • Naomi