Just Another Note To Say Thank You

No questions. No assistance is needed for my code. Nothing at all. I’m just here to say thank you.

Thanks for the great work from Quincy Larson and the team. This platform is, quite frankly and without a drop of exaggeration, a global treasure that needs to be protected with all our strength and might.

It is inconceivable the greatness that is to come as a result of the free resources here, and as a person who started his programming journey here and is still learning, I will never be able to overemphasize how much of a brilliant opportunity this is.

Thank you, Quincy. Thank you to the team, the leads and the moderators.



I second this. Thanks to FCC, I was able to make a job-switch during the Pandemic. I´m not a developer still (doing Big Data Support currently) but it has definitely helped me shape my future and understand code better. Thank you FCC Family.


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