Just another portfolio critique request

Applied to 100 jobs, got 1 interview but didn’t get the job.
And I even have some experience in the field.

So I reworked my portfolio and am going to try Upwork instead for a while.

Any feedback on this portfolio?

Is the layout too simple? Should I include a photograph and “about me” section? Add more links to code samples?


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Hi Matthew,

Hang in there! As someone about to start my own job search for a first dev job and working hard to finish my own portfolio site, consider this feedback accordingly!

When I first clicked through to your site, I was immediately confused because you have your project section taking up the entire page. I thought the link was bad for a few moments and took me to the wrong place. Suggest creating a “landing pad” section at the top of page, with your name and perhaps other info shown very prominently. Use nav links to scroll down to the projects.

Consider an About section to showcase yourself in your own words.

Suggest some styling for the resume - it’s rather blocky and plain.

Experiment with different, more modern font family?

Use the nav bar links to get to different portions of YOUR page, not outside links. Use the widely available soc media icons, etc to link to your other profiles, etc.

hope this is helpful and good luck on the search!

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Thanks Steve, I’ll work on a landing / About section.

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