Just any ideas for a site that I can create this weekend?

So, I have got a job interview test next week and just want to prepare myself for this weekend by creating a responsiveness site by HTML and CSS. Any ideas what I can create?

Exercise-related to responsiveness. A coded ad on desktop and here are static mocks of mobile/tablet. Avoid hardcoding pixel values whenever you can. Be comfortable with basic media queries/ breakpoints and flexbox/ possibly grid.

Unlikely to ask about Sass or any CSS pre-processor but may ask me about to gauge your understanding of class naming conventions like BEM, SMAC, etc. and nesting/cascading. Probably going to be interested in the output of my good code and will review both accordingly.

Be able to point out poor practise like !important, inefficient specificity, redundancy, not doing mobile-first, lack of accessibility like no focus state. Maybe a non-coding question will be asked like explain the box model or be given an example of code

It sounds more like a content manager job than a developer, as I have to know javascript to be a dev. I’ve never worked in a shop that wasn’t a requirement. Having said that, being able to hand-code HTML and CSS is going to make my life much easier in this role. Many content jobs use WYSIWYG editors that can cause layout problems. CSS has come a long way, so I would want to create site this weekend by grid and flexbox. Any tips, ideas or great tutorials to refresh my mind will be highly appreciated!

Why not look at relevant parts of the FCC curriculum and complete the responsive projects?
If you’ve done all of those, pick any website you like and recreate the layout. To find ideas for websites, look at websites or search for web designs in 2020 or something like that.

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