Just asking for a feedback

Hello, freeCodeCampers!!

Just wanted to ask for some feedback/guidance. Usually how long do you guys think/recommend to make research to resolve the challenges before you decide to check the solutions?

I always want to look for the answer in the resources of course and get the experience, but sometimes I just keep looking and looking and spend hours (and maybe sometimes a day lol) looking for the “answer” on the internet, and then I just decide to check the solutions.

Do you guys think that I should not spend more than 30 min? or 1 hour? 3 hours?

So I don’t get stuck for too long in one project.

Thank you for your time!

Instead of looking at solutions, its better to formulate questions at talk with real humans here or on our Discord.

The process of writing questions or comments about code is a job critical skill. Sometimes writing your thoughts out can actually help you understand what is happening with your code and how to fix it. But even if writing out your thoughts doesn’t answer your questions, it makes it much easier and faster for someone to give you a hand.

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Makes sense, since in the real world I would be working with other developers, right?

Awesome! Thank you so much for your response, Jeremy!

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Honestly this can fluctuate depending on the project. I definitely wouldn’t rush anything or feel like you’re taking too long. Really solidify your knowledge and learnings.

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Yeah, real world work involves teams for sure!


Thank you! That’s why also most of the time I download the solutions and review them a little bit more to see how it works.

Definitely taking my time has been helping me to understand how JS works.

Thank you for the words!!

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