Just Completed My Portfolio Page please review?

I’ve just completed my portfolio page, please review, How is it, any improvement that is needed?


Hi nilabja,

I’m not a professional in any way, just starting with my portfolio challenge. :slight_smile:
The white letters on top of the picture background are kinda hard to read.
For the rest i really like you page! has a good feel/personality to it, nice design. :slight_smile:

Greetz jeffrey

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Thank you for review, which color will suit best other than white?

Hi, i try ed some colors, cannot find something which pops more then the picture.
So then white seems the best option, just for me personally a bit uneasy to read.

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Same here, can’t find a better color, I’ll change the background to something that is dark, that will suit better :confused:

Yeah, kinda sucks :stuck_out_tongue: cause the picture is beautiful.
Would be nice to keep same style picture, cause it really compliments the rest of the design and feel.

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I’ve added text-shadow property, please check it, it is better now :smiley:

Yeah :smiley: now it looks amazing.
Very cool page.

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