Just created my TRIBUTE PAGE and i need advice if there's any wan on how i can improve it


hello please if you could look at my tribute page and give me advise on what to do better i would really appreciate it

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Here is how you can improve it:

  1. Add a foreground and a background. On simple webpages, a good way to better your HTML is to separate from the background. Here is a sample webpage I made to demonstrate these properties.

FCC: Example Flex-Box Template



I could not include the entire webpage in one picture but you get the style I was going for. You can see how I edit my background color to be gray, but then have a central container with my content in it. This could be a <main> or <div> element.

The different border colors were so you could see the different containers and sections the webpage was broken up into.

Here are some more colors that also work. Notice my use of box shadows and borders:

Annoying Tab Generator

Combination Generator

Standard Deviation Calculator

HermitCraft Tag

Now apply this to yours. Use CSS Flexbox to break up your webpage into flexible sections. If you inspect (F12) and then change the screen size by dragging the menu size bigger and smaller, you will see how my elements (boxes) changes positions

I used Media Queries to change the margins but the flexbox did most of the work.


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Helpful tools–> https://codepen.io/Mike-was-here123/post/check-out-these-sites

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wow i just saw this i would get straight to it is it okay if i send you the updated version once im done?

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Sure. Hit the reply button and include the link.

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oh i notice you know JS in HTML
also yay justify
but an iPhone would have trouble reading it, there’s no @media :frowning:

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Yeah. I am currently on Functional Programming. I just find that their is often not adequate responses for people’s projects for feedback, so I help :slight_smile:

It also gives me inspiration for my projects.

How is it going w/ the tribute page?

(w/ = with)