Just created this landing page - Feedback will be highly appreciated!

Hello everyone, Freecodecamp has been extremely helpful for me in learning web development. With all the learnings so far I have created a landing page for one of my websites on my own.

Could you please have a look and leave your valuable feedback? It will give me even more encouragement to keep going like this

Here’s my work


Looks good. :muscle:


  • Burger icon is a bit hard to see when menu is collapsed.
  • There is a padding left on some course thumbnails that breaks alignment.
  • On mobile view thumbnail padding pushes border to the edges leaving a lot of unused whitespace.
  • Maybe have unequal height.
  • Add secondary navigation menu to the page to make navigation easier between course groups.

Thank you mate, I have made the suggested changes :slight_smile: Still playing around :slight_smile: