Just finished all 6 certificates - need portfolio advice!

Hey all, so after 6 months I’ve finished all the certs. Just want to show my portfolio and see what advice I can get from anyone:


In my opinion, I need to develop more full-stack applications that are my own. But do you think things are OK enough now that I could continue looking for work?

Any constructive criticism would be welcome. I can handle brutal honesty too so don’t hold back :wink:

Yeah, keep building things. Some bootcamp projects are fine, but what impressed hirers more (imho) were the things that I conceived and built from scratch, all on my own, with my own plan. Keep building and learning new things. Look for excuses to use new libraries. Read about other things like UI/UX (I always recommend the book Don’t Make Me Think).

As to the portfolio itself, I think it looks a little stale. That’s OK, it’s a start. I’d spend some time look at other portfolios to get ideas. Not just coders, but artists, etc. Look for ways to make it come alive.

On a cursory look, one things that got me a bit was the background behind the text of the projects - I found it visually distracting. If you insist on the pattern, maybe try a much lighter gray. Or put some blur behind the text so it stands out. Just a thought.

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I also think there’s too much space between the about and the project sections. And if I overscroll up, the menu bar does something weird.

here is what i see when i check it… text overflow?


Oh that’s not good. Thought I had fixed that, but thanks for having a look.

@kevinSmith yeah UI/UX is something that has really interested me lately. Just can’t believe there’s so much that goes into designing an interface nowadays. I’ll give that book a read though

I’d probably choose a different color for your navbar while hovering, there’s just not enough contrast between text and background.

The cyan colored unvisited links blend too much into the white background and is hard to see.