Just finished FCC's 1st Project! Feedback?

Any and all feedback is encouraged! Thank you!

Build a Tribute Page

It’s not responsive. Bootstrap is good for this purpose!


How are you able to tell whether the website is responsive or not?

Resize window, open page on mobile, etc. stuff like that


I’ve almost got the responsiveness on the top half working properly. When I have the webpage on full-size desktop mode, the caption’s silver background doesn’t line up with the border on the image. But on mobile, and other resizings, it matches up perfectly. Do you know how to fix that?

Thanks for the help by the way!

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.silver-background  {
  background-color:  silver;

if you want it to wrap just around the text itself then, display: inline-block

which works in respect to height and width of an element

I would like the silver background of the caption to be in line with the border of the image, instead of wrapped around the text itself.

This is what I mean by not responsive:

Also, please read up on accessibility and why “here” is not used for hyperlinks:

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Thanks for the suggestion, I think everything is working properly and looking good!

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