Just finished Front End Cert, updated portfolio page, please give me feedback

Please check out my submissions to the freeCodeCamp challenges, feedback is very welcome.

Thanks to all guys at freeCodeCamp for this great project and curriculum, really learned a lot - and this is only the Fronted Cert! Looking forward, what there is still to come!

Portfolio Link - http://codepen.io/mperkh/full/LZbqqV/

That quote machine is sick. The only thing I can say for it is, the mobile layout could be a little bit more aligned and cleaner. Also, portfolio design is definitely unique, but I like it. Good luck with Node!

very nice … but the nav area could do with work on mobile sizes
love the calculator really slick but found a bug when using it eg if i click on say 2.1 and then cancel when i try to use the decimal again it wont let me … i have to click cancel twice i i want to use it

Thanks for the input.
Will try to fix the calculator bugs. Good chance to check the source code, after some weeks/months, how readable it is…
Also this calculator project would be a good case for TDD. There are so many features and with a simple change, it can break other features.

Edit: ok, fixed it.