Just finished javaScript, should I dig a little deeper or move on?

I just finished up javaScript today, and as soon as systems are up and running, I’ll get the certificate. While I’m excited to have reached this milestone, I’m wondering if it’s enough? I feel comfortable with most of the concepts covered, and I’m able to work through problems fairly smoothly. There are, of course, some concepts like higher-order functions and objects prototypes that are a little more confusing even though I’ve worked through some additional tutorials on those. Also, while I try to keep my code as concise and simple as possible, my solutions aren’t always as tidy as they could be.

I’m wondering if I should move on to the Front End Libraries section and address deficiencies in my knowledge as they come up, or if spending some more time perfecting my solutions and solidifying my understanding would be more beneficial.

My concerns with moving on are developing bad habits that are hard to break and get me into trouble down the road. My concerns with not moving on are letting myself get stuck and not making any progress.

Anyone have any advice here? Thanks

start some projects of your own there is alway’s more to learn


if you think you need more javascript practice, codewars may be a good challenge for you, once you solve one of their kata you will also have many solutions to compare yours to

you will also have more JS practice going forward as you will find yourself having to use it in new ways

Don’t worry about bad habits. It’s all scotch tape and popsicle sticks. You do your best to write things in a nice modular way, using clean code and good comments. I hear professionals express the same doubts as you.

As for what’s next, there are 2 goals which are sort of the big ones. The main objectives. Those are: 1) build your own program that is worthwhile (ie one you care about that is more than just a simple throwaway) and 2) get a job in the field. Those are the two big goals.

If you know that you are lacking requisite knowledge to build your own thing, for example, know front end but zero back end, then you already know where to start learning. Otherwise, you’re all set to start your own work and learn as you go. That’s how we all do it. Courses are to get you started in new areas and as a reference in the future. The deeper learning happens when you’re working on something yourself and debugging nightmares lol.

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Thanks for this answer, I had the same question and it is always reassuring to hear this is part of the process: learning, frustration, and then progress even as you gain more experience. I still just a beginner but can not wait to see what i can do with the skills I am learning.

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That sounds like a good idea.