Just finished my first project "tribute page

See the Pen gwxqPV by craig (@burpi) on CodePen.


Just finished it a few moments ago but not really happy with it but just cant figure out whats missing. tips please :slight_smile:

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looks good to me. I’d prefer a bit more contrast between the text and background but can’t see anything missing per se.

Just a few thoughts here on the design:

I would try to reformat the way the text is displayed, maybe align it to the left? If you wrap all of your html elements in a container div “div class=container” you will have an easier time formatting things nicely.

Pick a different font. Google fonts has tons of free fonts for use that are easier on the eye.

I think as part of the project there should be some links included to an outside source somewhere, maybe to his website or a youtube video or something?

thanks guys for the feedback, i will giving a update soon.

I did not expect to see CT Fletcher around here haha