Just Finished my local weather app

Howdilly doodilly fellow campers,

Took about 2 1/2weeks, but i have finally finished my Local Weather App. Please take a look.


I would be specially happy to hear if its working for you in your location.

I wanted to challenge myself and added forecast data. Also, since i forwent responsiveness on my last zip line, i added full responsive support to this assignment.

My only pet peeve at the moment is that i cant get this working on IE or Edge, and seems somewhat intermittent on my iPhone. If anyone knows why this is happening iā€™d love to know.
Otherwise i am going to move onto the next challenge.

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Camping :slight_smile:


ps. couldnt resist the Ned Flanders intro.

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Looks good and works perfectly for me!

Thanks @Gwesolo, good to know.