Just finished my personal portfolio. Feedback anyone?

I kind of struggled in finding ways to start…

TBH I referred to w3school a lot. I tried not to copy their code too much… I really did stare at their sample templates for a long time before attempting my own code.


I had trouble finding ways to make the thumbnail photos the same size…

Some feedback:

Try making LSUN on upper left corner, bigger, bolder, with fatter letters. It doesn’t look like a logo, it looks like ordinary text, just like your menu. This is your Identity/logo for the site, so make it stand out.

You can center vertically your About section. Maybe break up the filler text so it occupies most of the center, instead of going all the way across the screen.

Put some top margin between “About” and top edge of that blue section.

Same, put a little top margin between “Socials” title and top edge.

Re: Social buttons: Blue link color against blue, orange, and green background colors are hard to read. Change color of your text buttons to give it more contrast. You can also try removing the text-underline on the href links since it’s obvious these are buttons and they’re clickable.

Portfolio photos: Maybe some margins between photos so they’re not bunch up together. Again, some top margin for “Portfolio” text.

I like how you used “placeholders” in your forms. I think in this case, you can remove the field prompts and just use the placeholder text to instruct users what to do.

Now, make sure to update your portfolio page as your skills improve further in the coming weeks… good job overall.

Thanks Owel! Really appreciate your feedback.