Just Finished My Personal Profile - Brain is hurting, but proud!

Hey Everyone!

I just finished my personal profile page. Please let me know your thoughts. This is the first time I have actually coded something from start to finish. I did not use any template help or anything and mostly used things I learned from FCC plus Google (Google is my best friend!!)

I am sure the code is a little sloppy (using classes and id where I shouldn’t) and the layout and colour scheme could look better but i’m very proud of myself for creating something from scratch!

also I used Imgur as an image host so I apologize in advance if the image do not load sometimes you have to visit the imgur site first before they load (any recommendations there would be great too!)

Check it out: http://codepen.io/kyleking2006/full/YGGGxN/

Let me know your thoughts, ideas and criticism :slight_smile:



Can’t see you images!

Welcome to front-end development! The fun is just beginning.

It should be good now :slight_smile:

Looks great! I’m on the portfolio page as well but I’m stuck doing it on my own. getting really close to peeking at the example page source code.

The Example is written in Jade, which I was unfamiliar with so i did not really help me out when I had a peak. I was the example as a template and googled each section. w3school and getbootstrap.com were huge helps!

If you need any help or anything I can always try to give a hand! It is frustrating but you will get it :slight_smile: