Just finished my Portfolio Page - I would love some feedback before I submit it

Hi folks.

I’ve just finished my Portfolio Page. Here is the link to the live version:


Here’s the github project: https://github.com/andradedearthur/portfolio-page

If someone can take a look before I submit I would appreciate very much. Do you like the color scheme? I hide the carousel on extra-small devices, is that a good idea?

Anyway, any feedback it’s appreciated. Code on! \o

Hi Arthur,

Your portfolio look great! I love the color palette you used and the carousel is a fun touch. There’s only a couple things that I would tweak (you don’t have to listen to a word I say if you disagree with me).

  • The “Welcome to my portfolio page…” heading could stand to be a slightly heavier weight. My eye is going to the right of your page where the portrait and your name is since the text is bolder and darker.

  • The text on the carousel is a little difficult to read. I don’t know if CSS can change spacing between letters, but if it can, it would resolve the readibility.

  • The portfolio section looks a little cramped. Adding some space between the text “These projects were created…” and the thumbnails could solve that.

  • I don’t think you need a button to take the user to the contact section since it is immediately below it. It is a nice button though!

  • I checked your links and they all work! The social media links do not open in a new window or tab, but I know some people like it that way.

These are very minor things. Your portfolio looks great and it was fun looking at it!

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Hi @eleonorahwang, first of all, thank you for such a detailed feedback.I did some changes based on them, and I think it looks a lot better now.

Indeed, I not only increased the weight of that text, but also reduced the weight of my name, since it’s not where the focus it’s supposed to go.

I agree. I increased the letter spacing in this area.

Also another great advice. I added some spacing (40px) to the top and bottom of the portfolio grid.

In this case I just thought it was a nice touch to have a button there, but I now changed it to a button that’s supposed to take to a full portfolio page (which doesn’t exist yet).

After some consideration on this part I decided to make the links open on a new tab.

Again, thank you. And if you need feedback on a project of yours sometime, I’ll be glad to provide.

From a visual perspective your portfolio looks great (love the colors). The only changes I’d personally make is a smidgen more of margin between the “Full Portfolio” button and the text above it. Your footer looks a bit cluttered which could be solved by making it 2 lines of text (or I personally use little shapes to create some divide between content).

I’m glad I could offer some helpful feedback. The portfolio looks great. Keep on trucking!
I’ll be working on my portfolio project as well, so I will be sure to take you up on the offer!