Just finished my portfolio page! what u guys think?


let me know any feedback/sugestions plz?


Wow, it’s great.

I’m not a gamer, so I didn’t know how to play the game.


Everything looks amazing.

I’d personally add like a “SCROLL DOWN” indication in your intro section. Because it’s not obvious for everyone there is content below.



The links you have on the bottom at bring you back up to the top and not the appropriate section on the page which would be expected.

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Great work, I can tell you put a lot of thought into this. I think you chose your colors and fonts well.

Some suggestions:

  • “I’m Focused…” the “F” should be lower case
  • I would remove the skills bars. The way you did them are cool but let the interviewer be the judge at how good you are. You could find another cool way to present the tech/tools you’re familiar with.
  • Some bigger sized font would be nice in the about me section. I’m viewing it from my 1080p desktop monitor.
  • Your space app doesn’t seem to be working.

Font colour of the body text near enough invisible on mobile.


no worries, tks for the comment :wink:

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good idea, i will do that :slight_smile:

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tks for pointing that out, completely forgot about those, gonna fix it now! :wink:

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Hi ellereeeee tks a lot for ur feedback . the skill bars i will just let them there for now cause i put a lot of work building them :stuck_out_tongue: and is a way of showing off a little bit some css :stuck_out_tongue: the space app should be working but has a lot of api calls so sometimes takes a while to load… maybe i should add a progress bar or something… anyway tks a lot

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tks for pointing that out, gona fix it! :wink:


Couple more things:

I’d change that background pic of you in action. Your workstation is messy and there’s some rolling tobacco front and centre, a can of deodorant in shot, the broken laptop screen etc. If the product is good, then it doesn’t matter really, but why present that kind of image of yourself? It can only put people off and no one is ever going to hire you because of that work environment :slight_smile: I work like that too, but I don’t want to advertise the fact!

Your .scroll-anim class doesn’t do anything on click. It feels like an interactive button, but does nothing. Perhaps make it do something even if it takes you to the next div. I just showed it to my missus who works in industrial design, just in case I was going mad, and she agreed with me :smiley:

On my screen (1920 x 1080) it takes a long time to scroll down from the landing imagery to the about section - it’s 8 clicks on my scroll wheel. I think you could maybe tighten this up (Chrome inspector suggests that it finally starts moving when translateY has got to 900px.

The final thing is that I’d prioritise the most sophisticated/interesting sites first in your portfolio. So that would mean (imo) moving Issionary and Font Sake up in place of your dad’s site and the pig game.

Really like it though and my suggestions are relatively niche, but worth having a look at to see if you agree - or not!


tks a lot dude for the suggestions.Yeah my gf said exactly the same about the picture lol. I added an overlay gradient on top and kinda hides the messy part but what i didnt thought about is on bigger screens it reveals more. (probably was just better to take another picture u right lol ) But tks for that , i will change it. The scroll-anim class is just to animate the little mouse icon on the buttom, it is not interactive, basicaly it animates the little circle to shows that u have to scroll down .maybe its not that obvious then… .The scrollling part yes is tricky cause depends on the user screen size and also on the mouse sensivity of the user…probably have to find another way… An. d the order of the sites i really didnt thought about that but i guess u right. But overall do u think is good enough to start aplying for junior frontend positions? do u hired already btw? cheers ad tks alo or the feedback

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I’m afraid that I couldn’t say - nor would it be right for me to - whether you’re ready or not, but you seem to be in possession of a lot of the skills that seem to be needed :slight_smile:

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I see talent runs in the family.

I think what I like the most is that you have taken steps to have actual work samples.
The game would benefit from an instructions panel.

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Man that is really good, the only thing that turned me off was a bit too much movement and bouncing with some elements but bloody nice work.

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It looks very nice, great design element. I would create a Navbar at the top under your heading/name. The scrolling feature is bumpy when responsive so why not help out mobile users a bit.

I would make the scrolling icon a little bit larger.

Wow this looks awesome. One question though, did you just start the FCC curriculum or you just improved your personal page?

You did a amazing Job.

Dude it looks pretty awesome, the only think tho, is I opened with UC Browser (I have UC browser as my main browser) , an is not possible to read the About me and at some places looks like the resposive design doesn’t work.
Honestly I don’t know what is happening , I guess the problem is related to the browser since I opened the website in firefox and works just fine.
My recomendation is to see if the website runs ok or if have any problems with other well know browsers (like safari, opera, etc.).