Just finished my portfolio page

This is my portfolio page. Please feel free to comment

The HTML and CSS looks like a solid, clean structure. Make sure you have your ‘Head’ and ‘Body’ tags set correctly in the HTML file before adding your content, that’s one of the things that free code camp doesn’t teach very well. Other than that you seem to have a solid foundation to work on and improve upon.

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Well structured, though could be tidied up here and there - for example the 1st example is absolutely on the left of the container div but the one on the right has some padding between it and the right side of the container div.

A few bits could do with a tiny bit of padding to tidy them up too, such as the values in the form.

Also the font that you chose is not importing - most browsers only have a basic selection of fonts so it is defaulting to Times New Roman for me. Oh and copywrite should be spelt copyright!

It is a good page for a beginner. Keep going!

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What do you mean “set correctly”. Give me something to search for it

Thank you for your time. I will change them :+1:t2:

This is the basic structure of every HTML page nowadays:

  <!DOCTYPE html>
       <title>Page title - this appears on your tab</title>
       this is the content of the actual page

In the head section you can include ‘meta’ information such as what characters* you’ll use, keywords for your website, imported scripts, and links to CSS files, for instance. It’s not directly visible to the end user but it helps for instance with search engine optimization.

*e.g. I want my portfolio to be available in the three languages that I speak fluently: English, Finnish and Greek. For that to work properly I need to use the ‘UTF-8’ characters since ASCII doesn’t support Greek letters. If you don’t set the character set yourself the browser will still use UTF-8 by default

In the body section you’ll include everything that you made and want your users to see, in other words your website.

You can read more here:

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Oh yeah, I know that but in codePen we have the head in the settings, I have my meta tags over there. But thank so much