Just finished my portfolio.. Please nitpick xD

So I just finished the basic front-end projects. I had great feedback and help cleaning up my first project (i.e. tribute page) I hope you will accommodate me just as much on this project. For my social media links, I created the icons and just used href="#" for the link so they just open the same page in a new tab. However, I have 1 question. After you click on one of the icons (both the ones under the image in the top right, and the ones in the footer) they have this weird blue box around them. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? Oh and like always harsh critics and anyone with an opinion extremely welcome! Here is my “Portfolio”.

Oh and I just noticed I cant seem to make this website responsive. I’ve tried .container-fluid to separate the image and the body, I have tried changing #bod settings, I have tried just .container, even @media. So please if anyone could guide me towards a solution that would be great.