Just finished new product landing page

i would just like opinions on the web-page i have just created. apologies for the people who are viewing it on their phones or laptops since i still don’t know how to incorporate media queries into my CSS styling. if anyone has good websites or videos where i can teach myself i would be very grateful thank you.

A very nice page overall. Good work.
As far as media queries are concerned try reading these:


You can even search on Youtube and you will find great resources there.
Hope this helps

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Good job, better than the last one!

Try giving more spaces between pictures
Increase the size of your About the game container.
Increase the size of your input boxes.
Change color of submit button on mouse hover

Good luck :slight_smile:

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thanks, still needs a few more tweaks here and there but its defo better than the last one i made :joy::sweat_smile:
ill definitely look into those websites for media queries since i need to look into them alot more. much appreciated for the given links thanks

thank you for the advice given ill defo make those changes right now and show you the end result of the webpage.

Lol my attempt at the edits you told me, didnt change the button, but now i have an issue of having too much blank spaced amd the blur over the image isnt in sync with the actual image itself​:joy::tired_face::sweat_smile: