Just finished (sort of) my portfolio without a portfolio

This took me a long time to do. I’m not entirely finished yet, but I think I’ll go crazy tinkering any further with it before moving on with other projects. I’m starting to loose sight of the wood for the trees. I’ll definitely be revisiting later on (I’ve even left a to do list for a more proficient future me in a comment at the end).

Here’s the link: Project Link - https://codepen.io/bdward42/full/XMEqMO/

When I started this I was very uncertain and inexperienced with bootstrap, and now I’m feeling a lot more confident with the syntax and the grid system. I’ve tried to build a site that looks OK in both browser and mobile, and I think I’m on the right track now. I ran into a lot of trouble with trying to make a footer, as Bootstrap 3 doesn’t seem to have a static footer class to apply. I managed to find a workaround that for now. As I have more things to add, I’ll experiment adding images to break up what is now a kind of minimal design.

Any constructive feedback and advice on the code and aesthetics of the site would really be appreciated. Thanks!