Just finished the Markdown previewer project

Hey there fellow campers …
I just finished the Markdown previewer project .
would like to get some feedback …
many thanks in advance!

fell free to check it here : https://codepen.io/Jaybur1/full/mzmjWB/

Its worked, but needs to be responsive.

Check out flexbox, you can easily shift your input and output boxes into a column on smaller screens. You can use max-width on media query’s to change margins also.

I have noticed the boxes themselves are too small. You have all that space, make use of it.

Smaller screens:

remove this gap:

Put all of this how to use info in the markdown input box so you have more space to make things bigger.

Lastly, add a footer with name of who made it, email, etc. Simple and good looking


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List of helpful websites for web design (and inspiration) --> https://codepen.io/Mike-was-here123/post/check-out-these-sites

oh wow man ! i really appreciate the feedback !
ill get down to it right away !!!

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