Just finished up my pulp/noirish themed Weather App

Emotional Weather Report

Just finished up the Weather App for the API/Ajax project module. I banged
my head against the wall trying to get Open Weather to work using HTTPS/CORS work arounds, but in the end I just ended up finding another API using Mashape.

There are some design things I wanna tweak, but I’m pretty proud of myself that I got the basic
functionality creaking along at least.

Love it! I followed the link in my qupzilla browser. Qupzilla blocks html5 so the geolocation wouldn’t work, but I did get to see you cool “STOP!” background letting me know I was on an outdated browser. That makes for a pretty fancy error message. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Figured everybody was doing backgrounds of weather or using icon templates so I decided to play around some.