Just how "advanced" is the Advanced Node and Information Security curriculum?

Hi everyone,

When I finish with FCC I would prefer a backend job as my visual design is weak and I’m getting more comfortable with Node.js.

My question is just how advanced is the backend curriculum? By the time I am done with all the projects and challenges, am I ready for a beginner/intermediate Node.js job?


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More like when you finish the last 3 sections (minus several of the front-end projects in the Take Home Projects portion of the Coding Interview Prep section.

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Most front-end jobs do not require you to be a design expert as far as creating the look of the design. You just need to be able to take someone’s design concept (i.e. drawing, wireframe, etc…) and use html and css to recreate the design. In a very small company, they may expect the front-end person to have a graphics design background, but not the larger companies. It is rare to find people with both great front-end development skills and graphics design background.

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