Just made my first portfolio, feedback welcome

Hey, I’m an 18 year old who’s trying to get a web development job. I was wondering if I could get any feedback on my portfolio from you guys.

I wanted to put a few projects on there but I’ve yet to make much. If anyone has any feedback on other projects I can try, that’d be great too!


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I applaud you for your efforts.

You’re lacking design and structure.

Some issues I saw:

  • The arrow in the hero section is easily confused for a clickable icon. I recommend converting it into an bookmarked link.
  • There’s no negative space(white space around elements to visually separate content).
  • Color contrast, there are lots of tools such as Coolors.co to create your color palette.

Thank you for the advice! What do you mean by the first part? Do you have any examples of what you’d recommend!?

You’re very welcome.

Regarding your question, click here for a codepen example(I didn’t made it).