Just out of curiosity

Hey guys! I am just starting a tribute page. Why do I feel like I have learned NOTHING. Is it just me? I followed everything to the letter, did well with the lessons, and now that it’s time to implement, and I feel like a blubbering idiot! Just wanted to put that out there! Any tips from anyone out there? Thanks in advance!

Nah, you are not the only one. I look at tribute sample and keep thinking “How can they do this ? This isn’t mentioned in the course”. My first tribute page also just a piece of mess despite I gave everything I know.

That’s FCC works, they teach you basic arithmetic and ask you to do random sequence extrapolation. That’s also how I make biggest progress during my study, and that’s why I love FCC more than other course.

My tips? just go with it, everybody without programming experience would feel just like you. I’m planning to make my dream page before realize that I know nothing and end up making a page with bare minimum requirement
After i progress further, I realize how ineffective my tribute page, how terrible it’s design, and how hard to maintain it.

I decide to make another one, with my new knowledge, This is the first time I feel satisfied my my tribute page. you can see the difference
My first tribute that took 7 days
My second tribute that took 2 days

Thanks for your input. Your “re-do” looks fantastic!