Just started, and I have some feedback already

The Freecodecamp idea of combining learning and working on real projects is compelling. After going through the first 100 challenges or so, I see two points where they could be improved.

I used an ipad to go through the challenges. It works pretty well, but I don’t see the curriculum map. It seems that the mobile version of the site just doesn’t allow me to see where I am in the curriculum and what’s coming next. If I am right, change that. If I am wrong, make this feature easier to find.
EDIT: I must have been blind. Of course the map is there.

The second point is probably valid for the desktop version as well. I would like to pause occasionally and review what I have done. Now, you might say that summarizing what I learned every few challenges is entirely up to me, but it would help if the site forced an occasional review.

Other than that, the idea and its execution is great.


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Thanks for the feedback! We are working to incorporate a little more review into our challenges.

Our philosophy is generally that you’ll get plenty of review when you’re building the projects themselves, and we want you to reach the projects as quickly as possible so you’ll get better context into what you’re learning and how to apply it in practical ways.

We are also overhauling the map to make it faster and easier to understand.