Just started learning, this is my tribute page. feedback welcomed

Please help me improve.
feedback welcomed and appreciated.


It’s simple and clean - not necessarily a bad thing. The link for your name does not work.

The general layout of it is pretty nice, I like the dark border around the main page itself. I would say to add some color to your page so that it doesn’t look bland. For example, you can choose a good neutral color, but use it for the headings. Just having color in your heading will make a world of a difference in how your overall website feels.

Speaking of headings, I would increase the font size a bit on them, and as a general rule of thumb, for headers, you want to use sans-serif font’s, as they look much cleaner and modern. And for long sections of text, such as a lengthy paragraph, it would be fine to use a serif font, but since you just have short bullets, I would change it to a sans serif font.

Another good thing to note as well as you continue your journey, when you have a large header for your website, the bigger that they get, you want to decrease their font-weight so that it doesn’t look bulky as it sizes up, as that will also give off a sleek and modern feel to it. Other than that, good job on your project, and it’s responsive as well!

Thank you, so much. I will definitely save this for future reference.
I do appreciate it a lot, I just started at the end of June and i really enjoy it. I still have a lot to learn.

Cool, minimalistic and retro design.
Good work. Well there is always a room for improvement.
Happy coding!