Just starting here

Hi i have been dipping my toes into to code for about six months and have hit the point where i feel i am serious about it and was wondering what other sources any of you have used, i tried free videos on udemy and did code academy, but dont 100% know what language i want the most i feel that JavaScript is the best place for me to truly gain a deeper understanding of code and from there i may choose a diferent language to focus my energy and attention on, sorry i rambled; its a deepseeded isue of mine but ** my primary question after all of that was what books or other websites do you feel helped or are helping you to progress on understanding and application of JavaScript **
thank you so much in advance for reading this and replying either or!

My dear @888Owl, I came to this platform with similar mindset but gradually I’ve started seeing reasons why I need to take it step by step. Am sure there are senior members that has been on similar path that can throw more insight and shed more light. It’s nice having you here

Hi and welcome!

Firstly, what is your intention and why do you want to learn code? Obviously you would have realized there are many different languages, and have their own benefits for specific things.

If people are starting out and don’t specifically know what they want to do, then I will always recommend to learn Python. In the UK, there is a movement to get kids into code and Python is at the forefront of this for good reason. The syntax is simple, yet it is easy to achieve a lot in not much code. I actually spent some time with Python before starting my code journey after a ten year break (I used to code in C,VBasic and Pascal) and have loved it. It came to my mind then that I wanted to focus on web dev and app creation, so have spent some time with CSS/JS and am now looking to concentrate my efforts onto React specifically as well as Swift.

What do you love? What have you loved so far? Is there anything you specifically see yourself doing? Post up your thoughts and I will try my best to help!

Thank you for replying! and I suppose my primary intention is to move on from where i am i was taking courses in high school for engineering but later had to drop out due to problems at home and had always kind of had an interest many of the aspects of coding, i don’t know for certain but if i narrow it down i would hope for some aspect of game design or back-end development. loving video games growing up doesn’t quite qualify that but i love challenges and i love building something and seeing it grow in ways that i hadn’t originally thought it could.
again thank you so much for your time i truly appreciate it!

Pretty interesting! :slight_smile: I took a similar route at college, and fully intended on doing game design, but for one reason or another never followed it through. I think I just wasnt confident enough in my own abilities at the time!

There are several fantastic courses out there that I believe that will help you:

These two courses and specifically for game development and using C++ and C#. They are “hardcore” languages, and it won’t be an easy run, but if that is what you feel passionate about that go for it!
They will stand you in good stead for back-end bits as well. Up to you though buddy!

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Wow, thank you so much! it means a lot, i was afraid to post in the first place because that means admitting I’m just trying to swallow up as much knowledge as i can but so far i don’t know what to do with it or what to do when i acquire enough. i will use this as a jumping off point thank you again!

@888owl - Free code camp is definitely a good source of information, but not for absolute beginners. They start you off with complicated Jquery and Bootstrap libraries without walking you through the basics.

However, I found it a lot more effective to start off with vanilla HTML, CSS & javascript through YouTube videos and kept coding along while watching tutorials. Net Ninja is the channel I recommend for a solid foundation.

Good Luck

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No problem buddy.

I think the most important thing is to have a clear image in your head of what you actually want to do with code, and then work towards it. If you dabble in a bit of game, or dabble in a bit of web dev but then want to try a bit of netsec or data science it just isn’t the most economical way of learning. :grinning: