Just Starting Out and Looking to Pivot

35 Year Old Veteran here, Abilene TX. I have a business degree, am an artist, and work for Healthcare Service Corporation.

I’m just now, this morning, starting Free Code Camp.

My goal is to add to my skills and get into more Project Management and a career/role within my company, or with another company, that makes the use of my leadership skills and creative processes.

I also have some co-founded projects that I would like to turn into full time using these skills, at some point.


sounds good to me good luck :3

Thank you. I’m excited about it and have already started getting up earlier.

It’s interesting that you are looking at things from a project management perspective. Most people just straight up aim to be a developer.

I come from a design background and can absolutely see the potential for art in relation to code.

Best of luck with your learning!