Just submitted my Tribute page - please critique


This is my first “real” attempt at making a web page at all and would appreciate any and all criticism. Anything at all that could help me improve is appreciated.

I just started with FCC after years of off-and-on attempts at learning to code. I’m hoping I can make it stick this time!

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Hi @IamGlytchy! Welcome to the community :).

Your page looks nice. I think just the paragraphs are a bit too long :wink:

You can make it this time. Just stick with doing the projects and ask for help if needed. :wink:

Hey @IamGlytchy!

Welcome to the forum!

I think your page looks good.

Congrats on finishing your first project.

The only thing that I would suggest is maybe renaming the link to “David Attenborough’s biography” so it would be more accessible.

Keep up the good work!

Happy coding!