Just switched to Beta to help find bugs and typos ;)

I like the fact that the beta version allows us to toggle the map, lesson, editor and preview…especially for the map, which I don’t want to have taking up space when I don’t need it. And, I like that I can change the size of each part (left/right); is that done with JS and jQ?

I also like that you provide a link to view an image externally.

My note yesterday about the Kitty Ipsum text still applies. Get some dogs in there, too - I’m an equal-opportunity animal lover! :heart_eyes_cat: :dog: :mouse: :bird::zebra::goat::rat:

Ok, well maybe I don’t love rats and mice as much, having had everyone in my family made sick by them, and trying to get rid of rats is super difficult if you don’t have a good mouser! :wink:

More later…Or, rather, hopefully nothing more later other than happy faces! :wink:

JS yes, jQuery no. I believe it was all made with React.

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Is React easier to understand than JS (I know it is based on JS)?

You should understand JS fairly well (especially newer ES6 syntax). You should understand how Promises work and be able to work with asynchronous functions, because React uses all of these heavily.

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Well, I hope the lessons are great here, because JS and jQ lessons made me super confused on Code School!